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Antonelli Moravia & C., a leader in the furniture production industry founded by Mauro and Moravio Antonelli in 1965, has always been known for the high quality of its furniture and collections, inspired by the rich and eminent style, decoration and professional know-how of master carpenters, handed down from generation to generation.

All proposed collections are created by Antonelli Moravia, using top-quality materials and selecting suppliers so that every piece of furniture is exclusively "made in Italy".

The specifications of any material used in production are all fully tested to confirm their qualities and defects. So for a certain wood Antonelli Moravia check the origin, level of humidity, product deterioration quantity, and even for the handles and fittings total control is indispensable. In addition, every processing stage must reach safety, reliability and duration levels in accordance with specific current regulations for this type of processing.

Both the curved and straight versions of the clear glass panels are 6 mm thick, with 20-25 mm bevelled edge. A number of elements have etched and sanded glass panels. The edges of the 4-5 mm mirrors are polished and in some cases bevelled. The glass shelves of the display cases are in clear, 8 mm thick glass. All drawers are assembled with sides in solid 14-18 mm-thick linden and the front dovetailed or pinned, depending on the model.

A number of the borders and carvings are finished in gold leaf and aged with special patinas, all strictly by hand. The fabrics used for the seating and matching bed items are carefully selected by designers.

In the meticulous workmanship each step of the process follows traditional methods, with the crucial stages of carving, inlay and veneering classically handcrafted by master carpenters, and every piece of work is checked for quality.

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