Ana Roque

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Best sellers collection 2020

ANA ROQUE is famous for its TIMELESS ELEGANCE and  high quality pieces of ageless poetry. Here are some trend-new collections, which became the best sellers of 2020. 

GIO - coffee table:  Designed for large and luxurious environments, the coffee table GIO (1) has an impressive wooden structure, with a lacquered base and golden metal finish, which makes it perfect to highlight your interiors. A stunning and elegant piece that raises sophistication to your décor.

NATE - armchair: A vintage inspiration, with pure and elegant lines, underscores this precious and sophisticated armchair. 
NATE armchair offers comfort and adds a note of exclusivity to the ambiance where it lays, making it in a beautiful, chic and cosy environment.

LUG - armchair: With an irreverent and modern style, the LUC armchair brings eccentricity and luxury, for its imposing shape and brass details, providing a modern and sophisticated environment.

LYN - chair: An elegant seating solution for your dining room. With a brass structure and bold design, it will be the focal point on any set. 

MOMA - coffee table: A set of three pieces. With an appealing design, inspired by organic shapes and curved lines, it is undoubtedly a set that confers originality and seduces in any environment. 

NORMA - chair: Norma dining chair is full of personality, making it an unforgettable design piece no matter where it is placed.