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Altrenotti has been producing sleep systems (beds, bed frames, sofas and pillows) since it was founded three generations ago. The Altrenotti production philosophy has always been focussed on the customer: on his rest and sleep above all, but also on his specific requirements, habitat and purse.

The company has always been a point of reference for the "Made in Italy" programme. It exports throughout the world, with an organised structure in all East European countries. For over twenty years, Altrenotti has been operating in the medium-to-high level contract sector.

Altrenotti has developed an integrated system of solutions in which bases, mattresses and pillows are designed and made for a precise purpose: to ensure that the body receives adequate ergonomic support and to sustain the natural curve of the spine during sleep.

Altrenotti uses only the most advanced, ecological materials and the company’s products are all certified and guaranteed. All Altrenotti products guarantee the highest comfort levels, while adapting to the features to needs of each individual customer.

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