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Altoni Leather Italy SpA was founded in 1995. The company's line of business includes the manufacturing of upholstered furniture. Altoni Leather professes the principle of Made in Italy in the production and use of domestic raw materials only. Production quality Altoni Leather confirmed ISO 9001 certification.

Altoni Leather has always paid particular attention to the details. Particular attention company pays leather upholstery: in Altoni Leather work only with genuine leather, skilfully preserving its natural effects characteristic grain, rubbing, crackles, stretch marks and veins, micro holes from insect bites.

Today Altoni Leather offers a wide range of upholstered furniture made of genuine leather. Beyond the usual sofas and chairs, couches and ottomans, the factory also offers a model transformers. The sofa can be transformed into a sofa, chair and turn into an extra bed. A variety of modular solutions Altoni Leather allows you to create individual packaging of furniture, taking into account the nuances of the room.

Altoni Leather furniture can often be found not only in private apartments, but also in offices and other public places.

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