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Traditional European and midcentury modern design are represented in the unique, superior pieces by Alfonso Marina Ebanista. He started out in 1971 as an artist devoted to handcrafting fine wood furniture. His goal has always been to offer the highest quality possible to discerning consumers.

From formal to casual, all Alfonso Marina items exhibit amazing craftsmanship. The factory’s capacity and flexibility to produce highly elaborate, intricate designs, including veneer-work and marquetry with pieces with bone, tortoiseshell, or metal inlay are unparalleled. Alfonso Marina employs wood from sustainable plantations, while also importing a wide variety of materials from all over the world. The ornamental fittings and hardware complementing many of the products are created in their own workshop, where pieces are hand forged from different metals, including iron.

Today, what once was a small workshop has become a modern factory, adapted to the needs and desires of its ever-growing clientele. Nevertheless, that same unique touch and traditional craftsmanship remain at the heart of the company. Alfonso Marina exports a high percentage of its products. In Mexico he has an extraordinary 20,000 sq ft exhibition space offering a wide range of complementary products for interior design, including textiles, lighting, accessories, and art.

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