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Adrenalina is a project born out of the will to think outside the box in the field of upholstered furniture. Passion, creativity, flexibility, and constant evolution have always guided way of Adrenalina in creating seating solutions for hotels, restaurants, offices, cruise liners and discos.

At the beginning Adrenalina preferred the contract world, because it seemed more open and available to new materials, shapes, colors, combinations and contrasts. The company was immediately appreciated and customers were satisfied, also because the contract proposals right from the beginning complied with the required standards and parameters: class I fire-proof materials, tested armchairs, etc.

Adrenalina is very successful in many European markets: Italy, France, Spain, Germany, in the former Soviet Union countries and in Europe in general and in the US.

Mission of Adrenalina is to make every moment of your life comfortable.

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