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The ACF was founded in 1950 as a factory of ceramic objects from which name "Artistiche Ceramiche Fiorentine" became known and appreciated in the world for its collections furnishing and lighting.

Collections were born originally from careful study for the reproduction and the reinterpretation of classical objects of the XVIII and XIX century. The results, as evidenced by the success, were outstanding. ACF can follow the production of each piece: marble, crystal, glass, castings, metal, are exclusively "Made in Italy".

The ceramic mixture used is mainly made of white earthenware. Various components are added to reach such hardness and resistance to fire and after several firings the difficult decorations of the present ACF production can be obtained. The glaze is applied either by a spraying or a dipping process on the raw item to obtain a white surface on the previously coloured item by a special firing process at 980° centigrade to obtain the classical colours of Sevrès collection: cobalt blue, red and pink with a high percentage of gold, turquoise, green and others. The decoration can be made with prints, prints touched by hand with paint brush or entirely hand painted. This process allows various types of high quality finishing to meet the market request. All prints are produced on exclusive original designs. The pure gold decorations with double engraving are mostly hand finished with 22-27% pure gold.

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