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Accademia del Mobile only use the highest quality solid wood, a living material that combines beauty with the lifetime guarantee of an environment in harmony with the balance of man and nature. Created to last for generations, their furniture only improves over time, becoming further enriched over the years and increasing in value and appeal.

Selecting the right wood is the first step of Accademia del Mobile to ensuring quality. The wood is dried and seasoned until it reaches the optimum level of humidity to guarantee the stability of the furniture and the workability of this living, natural material. As well as being beautiful, solid wood brings a timelessness to any home and reflects the perfect balance of man and nature. Carving are finished entirely by hand.

Lastly, the polishing provides for up to fourteen different steps. These include painting with rare earths and water, the application of a generous layer of natural antique furniture wax and polishing by hand with woollen cloths. The work is completed with very important details such as the finishes.

The product of Accademia del Mobile is very environmentally friendly.

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