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Since 1978, the ABC Group has been pro­duc­ing style pieces of fur­ni­ture draw­ing its in­spi­ra­tion from past and cur­rent ages and im­ple­ment­ing a craft work­ing hat re­spects and brings out the stan­dards of the Made in Italy. The pieces of fur­ni­ture in high-quali­ty sol­id wood may be your own cre­ations or unique tai­lored-made pieces.

History of ABC Mobili started more than forty years ago, when Mr. Giuseppe Colbertaldo (father of the current owners) chose to open his own business, driven by his sincere passion for the creation of unique pieces of furniture. ABC Mobili began in what is known as the "Furniture district" in Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza), Today, their craftsmen still follow every phase of the production process closely, in new quarters in Romano d’Ezzelino.

ABC Mobili believe that the quest for quality begins with the choice of raw materials, and for this reason the Company carefully select the best types of woods, with a preference for nobler one such as walnut, cherry-wood and oakwood.

ABC Mobili is proud to present their "Day area" and "Night area" collections, in classical and Contemporary styles. In the section dedicated to "Accessories" are found unique pieces that can add elegance and harmony to any environment. Notch and inlay decòrs, columns, arches, classical touches and silver and golden details are only some of the many trimmings we can provide.

ABC Mobili is all that, and more.

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