B.L.Mobili Italy Lead time 90 days

In the early 80's in the province of Verona, the birthplace of Mobile, Franca and Luigi have given life to the company B.L.Mobili, turning two small workshops into one company specialized in furniture production.

In the production B.L.Mobili's masters use not only traditional artistic techniques, but also a unique combination of materials. This may be the original mixing ceramic, iron, leather, wood and fabrics. For the production of scaffolds used chrome finish, forging, and the most environmentally friendly and refined fabrics for upholstery. B.L.Mobili designers prefer the following types of wood: mainly used beech, cedar and other valuable species. Wooden B.L.Mobili's products are masterpieces of wooden architecture.

The great variety of models and collections offered by B.L.Mobili meet their demanding personal. In addition to the national market the company has a strong orientation towards exports by selling its products in Europe, Eastern and Asian markets.

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