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The company Baston Antonio was founded in 1992 and since its foundation has been dealing with design and creation of special custom-made furniture and interior. Baston Antonio Company is characterized by an artisanal connotation, which helped to create a stable and trustworthy team, who is able to bring the quality of its products on the highest level and to realize the requirements and needs of our clients as on the national so also on the international territory.

For over 20 years the factory Baston Antonio has been working in the field of furniture manufacturing and moreover producing unique and elegant custom-made articles of interior. All the furniture is made of wood, and all materials used for carving are of solid wood. All the decorations, carvings, and finishing are handmade realized by Baston Antonio's craftsmen who due to their peerless experience manage to transform the desire of clients into a real masterpiece of comfort and Italian art.

Baston Antonio has achieved this staggering progress as a result of many years of work aiming at caring for environment and health of the client.

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