AVE S.p.A Italy Lead time 60 days

AVE s.p.a is an Italian company leading the international scene of the high quality electric and electronic equipment manufacturers. 

Founded in 1904, the Company has always been in the vanguard of innovative solutions in line with the market requirements and has constantly improved its product range and the technology of its production units technology.

Ave has patented a sophisticated system which revolutionises the traditional concept of light control and dimming and which represents one of the important new items in the wiring accessories range.

With Ave Touch the switch, button and dimmer remain completely invisible, hidden behind a glass panel sensitive to a simple touch or the slightest brush of the fingertip. That is all that is needed to switch on a light, and a second touch to switch it off.

Ave reinterprets the innovative modular concealed Ave Touch to create the “Allumia Touch”, a revolutionary range of products in a new shade capable of giving the home a modern personality and a refined exclusive atmosphere to every room.

Allumia Touch includes a complete range of traditional switches resistant to scratching and fingerprints, coloured shiny grey/silver obtained by surface painting and different types of touch panels of perfectly coordinated different materials.

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