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Artigiana Lampadari was born in Andria (BT) Italy in 1977 with the merger of young entrepreneurs who have developed and continue to develop intensive programs of research, production and sale in Italy and abroad. Today Artistica Lampadari is 4 lighting collection.

Artistica Lampadari. Able to renew and to innovate periodically its own style, materials, ideas and proposals for more contemporary glamour, Artistica Lampadari dedicates today its creations to all those who see in lighting an emotional interior decoration and widespread sensoriality.

Novecento Srl. The company worked to give their customers the opportunity to choose between different types of chandeliers, blown glass from classic to modern laser cutting.

Alos illuminazione. It is a brand born from the experience in the Italian and international market of Novecento srl. The Alos illuminazione policy is based on product and service quality, a service ranging from the project of spaces to the layout of the goods.

Pulsar lighting. It is the highly innovative brand born from the experience and the technological background of Artistica Lampadari. Pulsar has created a lab of ideas and innovation focused not only in the contemporary but, above all, in the future. Pulsar products anticipate trends and ideas, illuminating spaces by transforming light into emotive and sensorial interiors.

Artigiana Lampadari is contemporary design that will satisfy all demands combined with high professionalism.

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