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Anthologie Quartett's story of success began in September 1983. Anthologie Quartett presented themselves as a collection of the architecture, design, art, and fashion gallery "Quartett" in Hannover, Germany. The first collection with designs by Ettore Sottsass, Bellefast, Matteo Thun, Borek Sipek, and Daniel Weil was shown at the Furnishing Show in Cologne, Germany, in January 1984. Eight months later it was also shown at the Furnishing Show in Milan. The company's spin-off then happened in the year 1987 to create the label Anthologie Quartett. Ever since, Anthologie Quartett have been an independent company with their HQ in a magnificent castle in Hünnefeld / Bad Essen in Lower Saxony, Germany.

Anthologie Quartett is one of these brands whose designer lightings bear in mind as eye-catcher. The manufacturer particularly offers a wealth of stylish crystal chandeliers, as well as a wide range of decorative lights as special design objects.

The range of lights by Anthologie Quartett signifies variety like no other lightings: The company relies on the designs of many renowned designers and could also prevail in various design awards. Since Anthologie Quartett early dealt with various aspects of interior design, including furniture, art and design objects, the company also takes up different facets in lighting design.

Anthologie Quartett is active in the most diverse fields. Next to furniture, lamps the design company also distributes various objects, such as fruit bowls, boxes, and mirrors.

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