Amboan Spain Lead time 80 days

Born in 1984, in a family, well-known tradition of craftsmanship, Amboan has the ambition to become fully integrated into the classic, contemporary and modern interior design, adapted to today's needs.

Amboan consider necessary to make a strict interpretation of the antique styles, as well as a methodical care in the elaboration of their collections and occasional furniture, respecting the craftsmanship procedures and using noble and traditional woods.

Currently Amboan produces sets of bedroom, dining room, living room and separate pieces of furniture: a double bed, windows, cabinets, dining tables and chairs, coffee and coffee tables, and so on. All products are made from natural wood noble varieties. To finish using gold and silver leaf, high gloss lacquer, leather tanning relief for exotic animals. Many models are attracted to the style of Art Deco.

Amboan occupies a prominent place among manufacturers of luxury furniture in Spain.

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