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In the 1960s, Remo Nicolai and Gianfranco Giusti combined their skills to set up the Altavilla company producing fabric and leather sofas and armchairs, with one clear concept in mind: respect. Respect for the Italian furniture-making tradition, for the quality of the raw materials, and for environmental standards. But most of all, respect for people. Today, Altavilla is run by the children of its two founders.

One of Altavilla's main success factors was the perfect balance they achieved between antique and modern, tradition and innovation, by blending the old upholstering techniques with today’s techniques of research and design. Particular attention is paid to the environment and the selection of raw materials; all ingredients which ensure a product that is fully Italian-made.

Altavilla imagines, designs and makes armchairs and sofas, mindful that they must always be comfortable and long-lasting as well as an emblem of true Made in Italy style.

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