Altamoda Italy Lead time 120 days

AltaModa founded in 1998, operates and grows for the production of Italian furniture. Its founders is Riccardo and Stefania Volpi, constantly working on lines such as: bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, closets and children.

AltaModa creates furniture with inlaid precious stones and metals, the composition decorated with velvet and silk. Over such expensive materials work masters of the highest level.

Velvet and silk, leather, a variety high-quality materials allows to the factory AltaModa to create new and new works of art in the world of furniture.

A variety of furniture products factory AltaModa has a wide range of applications. Chairs, magnificent chairs, furniture for bars (bars, chairs, shelves), various tables of various shapes and purposes, bedroom sets, living rooms, dining rooms create a home aristocratic style. Furniture factory AltaModa designed for comfort and convenience.

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