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It was 1966 when Emanuele left Italy to reach Johannesburg, South Africa, a place where he proved himself in organizing a lot of activities, primarily for the italian immigrants. In 1994, he had to leave South Africa for personal reasons.

Job opportunities did not missed, and finally he decided to dedicate himself to business , in his own, warm, and unique way. Thanks to a special south african friend who was in the roof business, he thought to bring the south african traditional reed covering in Italy. They evolved towards a new concept: the creation of an unique, african inspired, resort. And it was Matteo, discovering an innate sense of architectural design, who shifted the image and look of all places he projected for.

Through the use of original materials – such as ebony, rattan, bamboo, clay, crocodile and snake skin, horn, ivory and skins of wild animals, African style is the most exotic of all ethnic styles. Originally African furniture has simple geometric shapes that are close to sculpture. It can be made from various materials. Bright, unusual chairs, amazing shapes furniture, chairs and tables as if straight out of Savannah – and that's an indispensable attribute of a business card factory Africa Style.

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