100 х 100 CLASSICO Italy Lead time 60 days

Veneto and Marche are famous regions of Italy with enchanting landscapes, that have been inspiring for centuries artists of excellent creativity and superior skill, in realizing masterpieces for furnishing unique interiors. Nowadays the most expert master craftsmen of Veneto region can offer, directly from producer to retailer, their prestigious collections of furniture gathered under a single brand 100X100 CLASSICO.

100x100 CLASSICO produces furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, offices. Each furniture is made by hand, using precious wood, which runs advanced processing and control. The drawings are developed individually.

Furniture 100x100 CLASSICO highest quality and amazing variety of shapes and materials. If you love the italian design fancy, if you require 100% wood or crystal and the best materials in general, if you recognize the superior value of art of entirely handmade decorations, and you don’t want to renounce to free your imagination and demand for always new furnishing solutions and exclusive original design, do not hesitate to write or contact us to ask for further information.

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