Granducato Arredi was established to produce classic wardrobes and specialises in finishes and motifs made with traditional Florentine techniques. Over the years, the company has grown in size by adding newer and newer styles of furniture. Because of the owners’ sensitivity and experience and their relentless search for valuable materials and components, supported by a select staff, the company does produce the very best furniture.

The Tuscan tradition, as the underlying theme of Granducato Arredi furniture. Wardrobes and dressers which perfectly complement each other but which can also live on their own, leaving the atmosphere and harmony of Granducato Arredi furniture untouched.

Children's furniture factory Granducato Arredi deserves special attention. Made of high quality raw materials, they are different environmental friendliness, functionality, high-quality workmanship, durability and original design. The company's specialists Granducato Arredi made not just comfortable beds and tables, chairs and comfortable sofas, roomy closets and magnificent shelves and products that create a fairytale world for the child. All the furniture is riddled with optimism and love for children.

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