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Di Liddo & Perego is a company who entirely produces design furniture maintaining the focus and the thinking on future. The company has been synonymous with quality and design since more than 45 years.

The new "kids’ space" of Di Liddo & Perego is the perfect realized location for our kids to follow their real needs daily more and more focused on practice of hobbies, on studying, on socializing and of course on relaxing.

Modà by modacollection is a brand of Di Liddo & Perego. Modà has not just realized a trendy and Made in Italy quality product, Modà has decided to astonish by a proper line fond of the unconventional soul. Object inspired by the past, magic decoration taken from the nature, elements with suggesting shapes inspired by the classical tradition worked out with gold and silver leaf, with high glossy lacquering, with unconventional materials from the rough wood to fluo paints, from pure textile fibres to fine marbles.

Modà gives a new interpretation to contemporary luxury as a " way of life and fashion trend " luxury is to have a single piece, full of personality, able to personalize your home.

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