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Deko-Light was created in 1995 in Germany. The home office quickly became a real company. Only a year later, Deko-Light moved to Langensteinbach and founded Deko-Light GmbH. Today, Deko-Light GmbH is one of the established manufacturers in the luminaire market and is constantly setting new trends with its ideas. Functional light that adapts to different requirements.

Deko-Light offers a wide range of different products. From swivel recessed luminaires to pendant luminaires to 3-phase rail systems, luminaires of various models are available. Recessed spotlights in stainless steel look the biggest part. In the area of ​​Deko-Light luminaires, wall luminaires are also available, which, for example, can be installed in a smaller bedroom perfectly above the bed as a bedside lamp. With Deko-Light LED recessed floor lights can be beautiful lighting effects set from below.

Thanks to the IP67 protection class, Deko-Light LED recessed floor lights can be installed anywhere on stairs so that tripping hazards are avoided at night, let into the floor in the living room or outdoors. Even in the bathroom, these small stainless steel spotlights can set points of light in the floor or in the wall.

The quality concept is firmly anchored in the corporate philosophy at Deko-Light.

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