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Country: Italy flagItaly
Lead Time: 80 days

Cinova is a brand owned by the financial holding that already controls Gruppo Industriale Busnelli. Its headquarters are in Misinto, a city located in the most important and historical Italian district of furniture, the Brianza zone. A tradition of more than forty years that witnesses the leading role of Cinova as producer of upholstered of high-quality design and since 2009 is challenging a productive and market change for the creation of an important collection of beds.

Cinova cares about the quality beyond the appearance to satisfy their customers, providing strictly made in Italy products. Cinova pays scrupulous attention to every productive step, producing everything in its own factory. From the manufacture of the structure, until the preparation of the foams, cut and sawn of the covers, confection of the pieces until an intense final phase of quality control.

Cinova's aim is to interpret the bedroom in the whole respect of relax, equilibrium, harmony, beauty and soft texture in addition to an unique concept in order to transform the bedroom in an oasis of wellness.

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