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Chiara Provasi graduated in architecture from the Polytechnic University of Milan, famous Italian university and one of the most prestigious in Europe. Her father was founder of an internationally renowned furniture company as well as collector of art and antiques. Right from early childhood Chiara Provasi developed a love for taste and high-quality workmanship. Her designs are totally tailor-made for a refined and demanding clientele.

After graduating in architecture, Chiara Provasi became a prestigious interior designer. As a natural evolution of in her work for an exclusive clientele, she developed a collection of timeless furniture pieces that harmoniously combine classic and modern flair, precious materials and high-quality workmanship.

One of the basic aims of Chiara Provasi's research in design is to create spaces expressing the taste and personality of those who live there. Architectural space is conceived as a habitat in the full sense of the term and must respond not only to demands of shape and function but above all to the need for inner satisfaction. The use of noble materials such as wood, fabrics, textures, timeless pieces and sophisticated color palette, result in elegant and extremely comfortable spaces. Chiara combines the old with the modern in an original way, free of pre-conceived rules and stylistic formulas, reaching a new level of balance, which is both nostalgic and original.

Impossible to resist the environments created by Chiara Provasi. Chiara is "Excellence in Italian Design".

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