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Country: Italy flagItaly
Lead Time: 90 days

An over thirty years experience that of Carlo Asnaghi, owner of the Carlo Asnaghi Style company, with a know-how based on innumerable and prestigious interiors projects for the most luxurious residences, palaces and hotels all over the world.

Inimitable masterpieces Carlo Asnaghi Style produced in the furniture homeland par excellence, the area of Brianza, which join art-deco features to contemporary elements and guarantee competence and qualification in each stage of their realization, from the project to the installation on site.

Precious furnishings in period for day and night areas, as well as doors and wall panels, each piece realized in hand-carved solid wood as guaranty for absolute quality.

A love for the classical culture of wood which makes Carlo Asnaghi Style point of reference for all who choose the beautiful and the refined as their own life-style.

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