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Lead Time: 60 days

While fully respecting the antique craftsman techniques, Calamandrei & Chianini has managed to combine a classical style that re-launches lines, shapes and materials of Florentine tradition with the need for something new and modern. Every item is re-interpreted, antique styles and thoughts blend together in a contemporary note.

All the items in Calamandrei & Chianini from painstaking artistic research that draws from the past, keeping unaltered the cultural trait that has always made this type of production modern and highly acclaimed by a wide range of connoisseurs all over the world.

Craftsmen of Calamandrei & Chianini are capable of making any type of creation and their passion is a stimulus to achieve more and more. Together, they work on ideas, and as a team Calamandrei & Chianini set fundamental goals that lead to the creation of items that are an expression of the style and passion of the person who chooses them: objects which are precious and timeless.

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