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Bronceart is a property of Bronceart Torrent, S.L. – a family business founded in 1985 in the Spanish province of Valencia. The factory produces a wide range of products that stand out in the market for their originality and perfect designs.

Bronceart is strongly associated with durability and premium quality. Bronceart chandeliers, sconces and floor lamps do not imitate fine, high-class work – they are actually made according to old “recipes”: the designs are based on authentic bronze, casting is done entirely by hand, and expensive, demanding materials are used for the decor.

The Bronceart luminaire catalog includes the following lines: Clasico, Cristal, Neoclasico and Alabastro. Magnificent crystal chandeliers of this brand will be the best decoration of concert halls, theaters, exhibition venues and other establishments. They amaze with their grandeur and luxury.

Bronceart is a Spanish lighting brand that produces bronze lamps for those who crave for royal luxury.

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