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The classic, essential Bounty range was created in 1971, the designs for these nautical style home furnishings being inspired by the shapes of English sailing ship furniture. It enjoyed a huge success immediately and has continued to do so over the years, to the extent that Bounty has become a known distribution brand.

In 1976 Bimar changed its name to Neoform and the production area was tripled. Just a few years later the Neoform Group was established to cover the manufacture of diverse ranges of products, including Bounty.

On-going research into shapes and structures led to the creation of the Bounty Charme range. It evolved out of the nautical style concept but was given a new twist by designing it for use in any dwelling, whether in great cities, the countryside or any other sphere of life. It was a response to the demand for an exclusive product offering young and fresh ideas.

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