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A carefully selected hanger will maintain order in your closet and guarantee a happy beginning of a new day. Armadini Collection is in line with a new idea of sustainable luxury: pratical application enhanced with beautiful look. Furthermore, luxury without comfort and style is no longer acceptable. A wooden hanger designed by Armadini Collection will be the key element of your wardrobe and an essential part of the interior design. The final stroke of a brush, subtle yet essential, which reveals the impeccable taste of the Maestro.

Hangers by Armadini Collection have a caracteristic curve which mimics the shape of a human back and can be complemented with various accessories such as clips or velvet shoulders, which make them a perfect storage tool for any type of garment. Our wooden hangers will keep your garments from creasing and maintain your cloakroom in perfect order.

Italians are renowned for their talent to combine everyday comfort with a twist of style. Even a humble wooden hanger could bring you the best of Italian traditions both in fashion and in home decor. The right choice of a hanger to use in your wardrobe or cloakroom can help you manage your everyday life. Hangers by Armadini Collection will keep your closet neat and become an integral part of the design of your home.

The Armadini Collection brand was founded with a purpose to meet the requirements of most demanding clients, who appreciate classical beauty and versatility of the products. They offer you carefully selected products with a view to satisfy two aspects: on one hand, their hangers help your clothes hang correctly in your closet, on the other, available in a range of finishes, Armadini Collection’s hangers are a valuable addition to the design of your home. In today’s world, true beauty, functionality, durability and quality go hand in hand.

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