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Areti is a design studio based in London. Sisters-lead design studio Areti collaborates with expert European craftsmen to produce their object-focused collection, especially sustainably-produced, softly minimalistic light fixtures. Cleverly proportioned and functional, Areti's highly-sculptural work is striking for both its geometric simplicity and its aesthetic blend of monochromic elements with the tinted contrast of powder-coated metals and polished brass.

Areti studio produces lighting solutions, accessories and home furniture. The aim of the Areti's brand is to create quality design items, always keeping in mind the concept of sustainability, working with designers, artists, architects, artisans and specialized producers. The work of the studio is driven by the desire to create beautiful objects that add to the quality of life of their users as well as those involved in their making.

Areti’ means virtue and excellence in Greek. Areti aims at creating products of exceptional quality, both design and material. For every project, Areti seeks out some of the best craftsmen and manufactures, in their particular field, to work with. As a result, the products display a variety of materials and production methods in search for the most fertile partnership between design and material implementation. Areti is committed to the notion of sustainability through quality. The aim is to create products that last, both through the quality of the design and the material.

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