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AMCLASSIC has been in the business for more than 50 years and is recognized throughout the world for the excellence of its creations. This translates into unique pieces of furniture of superior quality, made with the best materials and by the hands of the most talented artisans.

Through a rigorous selection of raw materials, AMCLASSIC use only the finest wood. Company's dedicated craftsmen put all their vast experience, knowledge and vocation into handmade finishings, affording each product a unique and special character.

Creations of AMCLASSIC are the result of total commitment by an extensive team of experienced and dedicated professionals, a group of people who share the same passion: to achieve perfection. For that reason, the company is today one of the leading specialists in the sector, with a prominent and ongoing presence in core markets and international competitions (Milan, Paris, among others).

AMCLASSIC is a respected name and a synonym for quality and demanding craftsmanship in every market.

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